CSI - Season Thirteen Episode Twelve - Double Fault

The team investigate when an up and coming tennis star gets killed after winning an the most important match of her career.  Showed tennis to be a cut throat sport and much more aggressive than what you would think at least in the CSI universe.  Chris Evert guest starred along with a brief appearance of Lindsay Davenport which would make the third tennis star to grace the set of one of the CSIs, the first being John McEnroe in CSI: NY (3x23).  Meanwhile Hodges surprises everyone by the introduction of his fiance which really rattles Morgan who is clearly jealous.  I am curious where they are going with this and I hope I am right in my theory it is a way to get Morgan and Hodges together as I think they would make a really sweet couple.  Either way I am looking forwards to seeing where this is going.   

CSI - Season Thirteen Episode Eleven - Dead Air

A news anchor gets killed during a twenty second blackout during a live broadcast and the CSIs are called in to investigate.  Sara is struggling with her relationship with Grissom and is avoiding his calls he wants to talk and she is afraid of being sad at the end of the phone call.  It was a fairly average episode but there was a sweet narrative for Morgan who made a connection with a suspect who at first seemed a little off but then she saw as sweet.  When he gave Morgan her seat and called her Mam it was so adorable and it was so sad when he saw no way out but death.  

CSI - Season Thirteen Episode Ten - Risky Business Class

The team are called in when a private plane crashes not far from the Strip but things turn complicated for Sara when her ex shows up to help as his job is to investigate crashes.  As usual there is more to the story than first appears and the team work together to find out who is at fault for the crash.

CSI - Season Thirteen Episode Nine - Strip Maul

On a busy night the team help out local law enforcement on the strip which leads to several arrests and multiple deaths.  Even the most random of scenarios and acts are connected in the narrative which on one hand was interesting but on the other felt a little ridiculous even for CSI.  That said the main part of the narrative which held my interest was Brass and the discovery that his daughter is in Vegas.  The prostitute that is arrested has his ex-wife's engagement ring which his daughter sold to her.  Brass is very sweet with the prostitute and tries to help her have a better life which is what he could not do for his daughter.  This seems to be setting up a future episode in which he finds his daughter and tries to save her from whatever situation she has found herself caught up in.  

CSI - Season Thirteen Episode Eight - CSI on Fire

This week it was Finlay's turn in the center of the narrative as the discovery of a mass grave connects to a case in Seattle two years prior.  The case in question being the one that cost her her job and marriage.  It was an enjoyable episode and allowed the audience to get to know her character better.  Overall a decent episode that allowed the Finlay character to grow in the show.

CSI - Season Thirteen Episode Seven - Fallen Angels

When a pastor is found murdered on Warrick Brown's grave old wounds are opened for the CSI team.  This was a good episode that allowed the older cast members to take time and acknowledge their characters feelings surrounding the loss of their friend years before.  It also provided the audience an opportunity to see what was happening with Warrick's ex-wife and son.  

CSI - Season Thirteen Episode Six - Pick and Roll

This week the case hit close to home for D.B as the basketball coach at WLVU is murdered in the locker room showers and his son is a suspect.  It was a really good episode and I like what the writers are doing this season as they seem to be giving all the characters the opportunity to take the lead in the narratives.  It is working really well and going back to the team mentality that made the show so good in the past.  CSI has been flailing over the past few seasons mainly since William Petersen left and it suddenly became the Laurence Fishburne show with characters who had been in the show since its debut taking a back seat.  Whilst I am not saying the Fishburne episodes weren't good it just felt like the show had lost its way and I felt bad for George Eads and Marg Helgenberger who were relegated to supporting roles in a show they had given almost a decade to.  However, when Ted Danson joined the cast it seems to have reverted back to the more team orientated style that worked really well and thankfully this season seems to have taken it one step further and allow the whole cast to have the opportunity to shine.  Hopefully they will keep it up as I am liking where it is going.

CSI - Season Thirteen Episode Five - Play Dead

When a police dog is the main suspect in the murder of his partner the team discover that there is more to the case than first appears.  Elsewhere Finn and Morgan look into the murder of a divorce attorney.  It was nice to see two cases again as the majority of episodes these days deal with one case and some of the best episodes involve multiple cases.  In the main narrative Nick befriends the dog and the scenes between the two were really sweet and I loved how much respect the dog was shown which was quite refreshing.  The secondary narrative allowed Finn to work out that there is something between Hodges and Morgan but unfortunately Morgan played it down and told Hodges that they were just going to pretend it never happened.  I still hold up hope the two get together though as they are really sweet together and it would be nice for Hodges to be a more rounded character as his development over the past few seasons has grown.

CSI - Season Thirteen Episode Four - It Was a Very Good Year

This week it was Gregs turn to take center stage when the body of an old friend is found inside a piano in the middle of the desert.  Greg had a brief fling with her a few years prior when he was writing his book about Vegas and as expected lets his emotions get the better of him.  The episode was really good as whenever they use the location of Las Vegas and its famous history I generally find the episode really interesting.  I am fascinated by the Rat Pack and Vegas in the 60s so anytime they deal with Vegas of the past I am intrigued.  This episode was no exception and it was nice to see Greg put in the forefront for once as he has largely taken a back seat in narratives for quite a while.  

CSI - Season Thirteen Episode Three - Wild Flowers

A runaway sex slave is murdered at a rave in the desert in front of a massive crowd but no-one saw anything.  It is not long before the team realise they are looking for another girl who managed to get away and when they find her and see the horror she went through they discover something much more sinister.  A pretty good episode, the narrative really affected Sara which is par for the course as any time a woman or child is abused she goes a little cookoo.  However, the character who takes center stage here is Morgan who is turning out to be a really likeable character I love the developing relationship between her and Hodges and look forward to see where it goes.  The narrative was interesting and tragic.

CSI - Season Thirteen Episode Two - Cold Blue Plate Special

In this episode there is a multiple homicide at the teams favourite diner 'Franks' which they are the first responders to.  There are eight victims in total and emotions are high as most of them are known to the team.  It was a decent episode of CSI overall and a pretty interesting narrative.  The stalker storyline in particular was intriguing and as usual got to Sara a little too much.  Finn used her blood skills to help put the pieces together and Nick found the final nail in the coffin to catch the killer.  CSI has been flailing a little ever since Grissom left and it suddenly turned in to the Laurence Fishburne show for a few seasons.  I do like the addition of Ted Danson though and find his character likable.  Elisabeth Shue seems to be a good addition to the cast also but I'm not sure she can ever match Marg Helgenberger's Catherine.  I enjoyed this episode and hope this signals that CSI is back on track.

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  1. This is one of those shows that I’ve been watching from the very first season, and oddly enough I think it’s more because I like the cast than the overall storyline. I was kind of sad when one of my favorite cast members (Khandi Alexander) left the show, and I almost quit watching entirely when it seemed like Adam Rodriguez and Jonathan Togo were going to bow out too, but luckily they didn’t. I also adore Emily Procter. I’m not a huge fan of anything bloody or gory, but I stick through CSI: Miami and Criminal Minds because of the appearances of my favorite actor(s)/actress(es) on the show.